Helpful Tips for Dating a Lawyer

The stereotypical attorney that you might see on TV as being involved in a dynamic, ever-changing, and exciting lifestyle may not fully reflect reality. However, one aspect that is true concerns the amount of time that lawyers dedicate to their clients. This means that dating a lawyer can be a difficult experience if you are not fully prepared.

Here are some things that you will need to know about lawyer dating and what adjustments that you will need to make. You may find that attorney dating is not nearly as intimidating as you might at first think, especially if they work in interesting fields.

Less Time

Perhaps the most overriding aspect of dating an attorney is how little time they will have, especially during the week. While weekends are generally better as they have no court appearances, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done during that time.

So, you will need to think in terms of shorter dating times in order to accommodate the schedule of the lawyer. This may mean lunch dates or perhaps a little time on the weekend. Whatever the case may be, you should be prepared to only have a limited amount of time at least when you start dating a lawyer.


Consider that lawyers have spent a lot of their youth in school and they take their education very seriously. This means that many are truly impressed by those who take themselves and their career seriously as well. You do not have to be a Rhodes Scholar, but it does help if you have big dreams and solid career goals.


The question becomes do you encourage a lawyer to talk about their work. Given that it takes up so much of their time, it may be a rather moot point. As with any profession, talking about your day is part of getting to know each other.

It may be a little troubling at first because there is a lot of jargon and legal language that a lawyer might use in describing their day in court or how they helped out a client. Still, it can be quite interesting given what they do is often the stuff of TV dramas. Keep in mind however that there are certain details that they cannot discuss, so try to keep your questions more in line of what they can talk about.

Vacation Time

One of the perks however of lawyer dating is that most lawyers are fairly well off and they accumulate a considerable amount of vacation time that they often like to spend travelling. This means that once you have established a good relationship, your dating will expand as well with more time to spend with each other.

Of course, dating a lawyer is never easy, but it certainly can be worth it if you have a little patience and respect for their profession. By focusing more on the time you are spending together, you can get the most out of lawyer dating.

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